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● Military and commercial aircraft and engine parts supplier
– Supplier for parts of aircraft, airframe, turbine engines, turbine spares, avionics, instruments, rotables, hardware, ground support, test equipment, and tooling
– Quality Control Management on each order processed
– Multiple Service Levels

● Overhaul services through associated FAA repair stations & Maintenance repair services
– Joint venture with leading FAA Repair Stations
– Generous discounts with OEM and overhaul agencies passed to our customers
– Solutions to any engine accessory needs providing both overhaul & exchange support
– Fast turn around times on overhauls
– Highest quality workmanship

● Contracts for Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

● Support for defense requirements
– Successfully performed contracts with several air forces worldwide
– Extensive proprietary data base of military parts constantly updated
– Suppliers of military aircraft parts for T-33, A-37, F16, C-130, DHC-6, MK89, Mirage F1, KFIR, P3, F5, Bell 212 & 412, 206 etc
– Inventory Management and Support of any military and commercial needs

● Support for international and local aircraft operators

● Lease and sale of aircrafts
– More than 25 years of experience in the aviation industry makes us the right choice for your future outsource of any type of aircraft
– Contacts with Financial Institutions to provide the best conditions in lease and purchase of aircrafts
– Pre-inspection of aircrafts prior closing any business